20 Ways to be Creative

20 Ways to be Creative-journal

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules,
making mistakes, and having fun.”  Mary Lou Cook

Research has shown that being creative improves our mood, reduces stress and increases overall well being. Here are a few ways to express your natural creativity.

20 Ways to be Creative

1.  Invent a recipe using your favorite ingredients.

20 Ways to be Creative-flower arrangement

2. Choose your favorite flowers and create an arrangement.

3.  Make a dream board.

4.  Write an inspirational poem.  Pin it on your dreamboard.

5.  Pick your favorite fabric and sew a pillow.

20 Ways to be Creative-morning yoga

6.  Create a morning yoga sequence.

7.  Take a series of themed photos and create a wall collage.

20 Ways to be Creative-paint furniture

8.  Paint a piece of furniture.

9.  Choose plants for an outdoor planter.

10.  Create a Spotify Album.

11.  Write a letter to a friend using beautiful stationary.

20 Ways to be Creative-polyvore

12.   Use Polyvore to create a dream wardrobe.

20 Ways to be Creative-Party Theme

13.   Plan a themed party.

14.  Write in a journal before falling asleep.

20 Ways to be Creative-collage

15.   Use PicMonkey to create photo collages.


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