5 Steps to Ensure a Successful 2014

5 Steps to Ensure an Successful  2014 Oh the possibilities…a fresh year in which to make our dreams come true. But what actions will move resolutions from the world of fantasy to reality?  Here are five steps to help ensure a successful 2014:

1.  Write them down.  Use the SMART method to create your goals.  Make them; specific, measurable, attainable and relevant. So instead of saying, ‘I’m going to get fit”, you might say, “I’m going to get fit by doing yoga 3 times a week and run 2 times a week”.

2.  Create a dream board.  This can be created virtually (Oprah offers a great tool. I used it to create the featured image) or by cutting pictures from magazines. Choose images that inspire and represent your goals.  Important: Put the board in a location you will see daily!

3.  Revisit weekly.  Add a calendar reminder to re-read your goals.  This step will keep you pointed in the right direction.  A must do…it will only take three minutes!

4.  Be flexible.  Even the best written goals may require some tweaking throughout the year.  Maybe the 2 weekly runs turn into 2 Spin classes, no worries, your overall goal to keep fit is still being accomplished.

5.  Pats on the back.  Set milestones and reward yourself (You deserve a spa day or special night out for not missing a workout all month). Have a celebration at the end of the year to recognize your successes!

Have you found any other ideas or tools to be effective?  Share your thoughts below.



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