A Home with Soul

Art in the home

My husband’s family has a tradition of giving each other a ‘silly gift’ each Christmas.  These are usually inexpensive toys or funny gag gifts.  Last year Adrian’s brother and wife gave us a colorful metal chicken, meant to be a spoof on our little urban farm.  We both, as we unwrapped the unwieldy bird, instantly fell in love with our ‘silly gift’.  This playful piece of sculptural art now ‘roost’ on a bench in our living room.  I smile each time I look at the little guy.

In yesterday’s post I shared 7 reasons to buy art and artisan products.  I mentioned the value of filling a home with unique, one-of-a-kind creations rather than mass produced items. This will undoubtedly give the home character, a story…a soul.  These images offer visual support for this idea.

Art in the home

Art in the Home 2

art in the home 4

Art in the Home 6

I’ll make sure to share a picture of our little Christmas chicken on Facebook.


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