A Launch of the Literary-The Austin Review

The Austin Review Launch

“Would you lie to save lives?”

“But I love her.”

“Be aware of a book based on Austin women with straight bangs.”

These are a few of the musings typed by partygoers on the vintage typewriter at the launch of Austin’s new literary journal, The Austin Review. The party took place on Saturday, January 11 at the downtown Livestrong Office.
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I laughed, cried and blushed as I listened to the readings by three authors featured in the inaugural issue.

“Each issue will include four pieces of flash non-fiction (truth), four short stories (lies), and one work of critical analysis (literati).”  Austin Review Contributor
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The Review is a non-profit endeavor and will rely on contributions from the community for support.  Their mission, increasing community awareness of contemporary writing and discovering new works from emerging authors, is of invaluable importance to the continuation of Austin’s literary culture.

I’ve been so immersed in technical writing lately that I’d forgotten the beauty and soul nourishing quality of truly talented creative writing.  The Review has reinvigorated my desire to enjoy this wonderful art form.


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