Ahhh…Breathing Room

Cascade Falls

The creative energy of the city is hard to beat but a little breathing room now and then helps you clear the head and recharge.  I was in southern Utah this weekend for my daughters graduation (congrats Carly!).  This is the perfect location to slow down, take in the natural beauty and breath.


We did some hiking in Zion National Park.  Even though I have been to this park countless times I am always left speechless by the grandness.


The area is a haven for talented artist who are no doubt inspired by the beauty and solitude of the region. I feel fortunate to be bringing home an original painting by Andrew Marvick.  Andrew’s latest works are a reaction to the American and European abstracts dating from 1900 to 1970. His paintings, infuenced by his own temperment, explore the expressive properties and ideas from this time period.

As always, I am excited to be returning home to the city (especially since one of my daughters is headed home with me!).  But the serenity of Southern Utah will be missed.



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