Artist-Andrew Saldana

Roses by Andrew Saldana

On Bucket List:

Attend drawing classes taught by artist, Andrew Saldana…

I was first introduced to Andrew Saldana’s work while touring Canopy Austin, a  recently restored east Austin warehouse.  This beautiful facility now houses a mix of artist studios and galleries. Andrew’s vibrantly hued, abstract paintings are hung on several walls of his light filled studio creating a warm, welcoming space.  Along with being instructed by someone of Andrew’s skill and talent, this wonderful studio plays a big part in why these classes make my bucket list!

8x8 Small Works-Andrew Saldana

Andrew’s early pieces, being more technical in nature, were influenced by his graphic design and illustration background. Over the years his images have become more abstract-representational.  Andrew draws inspiration from his regular tours of the southwest.  These inspirations mixed with memories and imagination form the elements of his unique images.

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