Artist: Christine Fail

Artist Christine Fail The downturn in the economy and subsequent layoffs a few years ago were rough times for many but Christine Fail will tell you that getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to her.  She seized this fortuitous opportunity to launch her own jewelry line, Fail, and hasn’t looked back!
Christine Fail-Tools
Half Moon Necklace With her BFA in studio art, Christine’s background is firmly rooted in art and design.  Her innate talent and skill shines through each piece she creates.
Christine Fail -Jewelry Making
Good Fortune Small Hoops Christine employs classic metalsmithing techniques.  Hand forging creates a soft organic texture, allowing the hand of the artists to be seen in each piece.
Gold Infinity Earring  Each piece from Christine’s line is delicately handcrafted in 14K gold-fill, sterling silver and brass.  She intentionally creates lightweight, fluid and wearable designs.

We get a peek into Christine’s world in this video,

You can see more of Christine’s beautiful jewelry here.  Remember to pin and share your favorites!  Keep in mind that 10% of all purchases on blueZelia are donated to Austin Pets Alive!  You’ll not only add a truly unique piece of jewelry to your collection but also help care for the many pets in need.





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