Creating An Artistic Home

If we find artists and their work inspiring it is fair to assume we might find their home inspiring as well.  Given their eye for color balance, composition, use of light, and unique style they have all the makings for turning a space into a three dimensional art experience.  Below are some examples of just such spaces.

The Glow-Jennifer Fisher

Jewelry designer, Jennifer Fisher‘s New York home.


Stockholm home of artist Carola Kastman.


Home of Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave.


Austin home of artist Laurie Frick.

Artist home in Argentina

Artist, Carlos Martín’s home in the hills in La Cumbre, Córdoba, a province in Argentina.


Home of artist and writer, Levi Dugat.

What better way for you to set your inner artist free than in your own home.  You can throw out the notion that having a catalog perfect home is the ideal and focus on creating a space that inspires you.  It’s not necessary to fill every square inch with something but everywhere you look should be personally pleasing and satisfying.  Take a few minutes to walk through your home, taking inventory.  Are you are uplifted by being in the room.  If not, try to isolate where you can add a touch of creativity or possibly subtract something that does nothing to move you.  Life is full of opportunities to be serious so seize this opportunity to have fun and express yourself!





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