Artist Frank Botello Brings Life to the Canvas

A day in Costa Rica

Frank Botello is one of my favorite artists. I am continually struck by the sense of movement in his pieces. His use of loose brushstrokes and bold colors seem to bring his subjects to life on the canvas.

Spanish Dancer

Frank is an Austin native, receiving an art degree from Texas State University in 2007.  Since that time, he has shown his work in over 20 art exhibits and galleries. He has been named ‘Austin Artist of the Month’ and interviewed by PBS as part of the KLRU art collective.

Migrant Farmer

Frank masterfully captures iconic images from Texas’ rich cultural heritage with his use of varied brush stroke length and mosaic-like paint application, bringing a virbrant play of light and atmosphere to his work.

Thinking back He has an amazing ability to use color and shape to visually communicate emotions and feelings, whether this be the joy from a dancer moving lightly across the canvas or a moment of deep intrespection from a women in repose.


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