KimballPrints_profilepic-uncroppedCarolyn Kimball is a Kentucky girl, a printmaker, painter, knitter, gardener and kitchen mess-maker who lives in Austin, Texas.She creates both fine art prints and modern home decor.  Her fine art work centers on dreamy, layered landscapes that evoke the history and memory of place, and bold, graphic, woodcuts inspired by rediscovering familiar foods during travel. Her home decor line, Kimball Prints, draws its inspiration from the beauty of the natural world.


ERIN (5)

Erin Griffin Erin originally trained to be a wood furniture maker but she found her true creative passion when she began working with metals. She is now an expert silversmith, using this medium to create her beautiful jewelry designs. Erin considers silversmithing an act of physical negotiation. It’s the art of cajoling—with blows, pressure, and flame—a resolute ingot into the appearance of suppleness, into wearable art. You cannot impose form outright on silver. The bending, twisting, annealing happens gradually. The metal succumbs to your intentions for a time, but in the end, as it turns brittle and fatigued, the metal says, “Enough.” The silver tells you what it is willing to be. The process of turning solid silver into something beautiful and fluid never goes the same way twice. As a result, no two pieces are alike in Erin’s collection of hand-fabricated jewelry. Melinda Hotho-bio

Melinda Hotho Throughout the course of history, sages and spiritual devotees have attributed balancing and healing energies to various stones.   Drawing inspiration from these references, Melinda designs her beautiful gemstone jewelry with the intention of creating happiness and a sense of well-being for the wearer.  Melinda finds herself drawn to many kinds of energy healing.  She is a Reiki healer and honors her American Indian heritage by creating artistic feather and gemstone smudging fans. Melinda also enjoys painting, gourmet cooking classes, and pottery workshops.

Lydsay Sherak-bio

Lyndsay Sherak Lyndsay has been studying art, in one form or another, since she was a young child. When she was 13, she had exhausted all the children’s art classes and had to “beg her way” into the adult classes, where she quickly showed enough talent and maturity that they let her stay! Her studies of the human form and the classic nude so intrigued her that, to this day, portraiture is one of her favorite genres.  Lyndsay attended the University of Georgia and majored in interior design with an emphasis in fabrics.  She went on to complete a graduate degree from Clemson University in architecture.  Lyndsay now lives in Morehead City, North Carolina, where the beaches serve as continual inspiration. She also travels the world extensively, finding new ideas for paintings from the wonderfully unique places she sees along the way!

Barbara-photo Barbara Pate Barbara has always had a very creative side.  This creativity is expressed in her designs, each creation providing insight into her character and uniqueness.  She draws inspiration for her handbag and bracelet collection from vintage, Native American, bohemian and southwestern styles.  Barbara focuses on using ‘green’ materials. Her handbag designs use new, high-grade remnant fabric. The soft, ‘broken-in’ leather straps and ties are all made from repurposed genuine leather.

Cathy Savage Cathy Savage Cathy is an expert in printmaking, using various techniques to create visually interesting paintings, cards and prints. She has a B.S. in Studio Arts with an emphasis in graphic design from Florida State University. Cathy has exhibited in many shows and galleries over the last ten years, the last being a solo exhibition titled Changing States, with the StoneMetal Press of San Antonio, Texas.  One of her pieces was recently chosen to be highlighted on the marketing material of the renowned Austin restaurant, Uchi.

Ruthie Powers A gypsy in spirit, Ruthie enjoys travel, learning, nature, and fiber. Details catch her eyes and she is always ready to be surprised by daily life events. She applies her curiosity to fine art printmaking, painting, and the complex layering of dye and paint on silk fabric. Her approach to art is improvisational and experimental.

Brian 1 (16) Brian Johnson Brian David Johnson has been building custom furniture and fine cabinetry in Austin since opening his own studio in 2002. In the fall of 2009 he created a line of small hand crafted production works. For these pieces, Brian purposely selects wood containing ‘organic beauty marks’, such as knots, knot holes, extractive pockets, and large streaks or sections of light or blond sap wood, to create one-of-a-kind character.  He will often apply colored resin to create a unique inlaid branch pattern. When not designing or working in the studio Brian can be found running on the Town Lake Trail, cooking or working on his 1970 Dodge camper van.

john vesel John Vesel of jpear Design John was born in Shawnee, Kansas in the suburbs of Kansas City, but grew up in rural Missouri spending summers in the outdoors as a Boy Scout camp counselor. He was always interested in the freedom of his many art classes in school, but did not find his true media until Architecture studio. John has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Kansas State University. To John, anything can be architectural and since graduation has put that perspective to the test while exploring a wide range of media during his collaboration with Jessica Bollig as jpear Design. John endeavors his work to be rigorously explored and precisely detailed but still playful and intriguing.

jess bollig  Jessica Bollig of jpear Design

Jess is a native of Andover, Kansas, and grew up in the countryside. She has a wide variety of interests all of which she feels add to the richness of her talent as a designer. She earned a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture & Product Design from Kansas State University where she specialized in space planning and furniture fabrication. Jess loves to work in ceramics, preferring to explore the inherent beauty of functional objects, which has become a staple of her work in collaboration with John Vesel as jpear Design.

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