A Barely There Ring

Erin Griffin-silver jewelry

There is something so beautiful about a delicate, barely there, ring.  Wearing a stack of sliver thin silver bands or a handcrafted gold ring with a tiny stone expresses such  femininity and romance.

Delicate Gold Ring

On the surface the process behind making such pieces sounds fairly straightforward, only about five or six steps.  Until coming across sentences like these, “Attach the ring to the jeweler’s clamp, positioned over the fire brick to  prevent any fires during the soldering” or “Needless to say the whole process is absolutely fascinating but needs a lot of  patience, dexterity, attention to detail and time”.    After a bit more research on the topic I gained a new found respect for the process and the artists behind the pieces.

Be sure to check out Erin Griffin’s delicate ring here.  She is a master at what she does, creating absolutely beautiful jewelry.


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