Behind the Scenes::Painting with Artist Lyndsay Sherak

Lyndsay_Sherak I recently had the fortunate opportunity to ask artist, Lyndsay Sherak if she would share the inspirations behind one of her paintings and walk us through the techniques she used during its creation.

Floating house-finished-copy

 What motivated you to paint this scene?

I was fortunate enough to recently have the opportunity to travel around Southeast Asia. While in Vietnam, I spent 3 days on a boat on Halong Bay. The landscape of the Bay is breathtaking; thousands of rocky islands rising up dramatically from the calm, green water. But even more beautiful to me were the “floating villages” where the fishermen and their families lived. The color palette of the houses and boats were so vibrant. I was sitting in my kayak, paddling through one of these floating villages, and knew then I wanted to paint the scene.  floating house-sketch (1)

What is the first step? Do you sketch on paper first or directly on the canvas?  

I sketch directly on the canvas using a soft charcoal pencil.

Why do you choose to work with oil?  

The richness of color, the texture, the ease of mixing colors and smoothness of application all make oil a wonderful medium.

Floating house-sketch-copy

How do you choose the color palette?

It was easy to determine for this particular painting- all I wanted to do was capture the intense yellows, reds, and teals of the actual fishing villages.

 What method do you use to determine the composition? 

For this work, I painted from a picture that I was able to crop slightly. I loved this composition because of the different layers from foreground to background.

How do you progress through the painting?

I tend to paint section by section for the base. Then go over the entire canvas applying finishes details.

Floating house-in progress-copy

Do you layer in order to achieve texture?

I layer and mix the paint directly on the canvas to get the desired color and shading. That layering results in a nice texture.

Lyndsay  has been studying art, in one form or another, since she was a young child. When she was 13, she had exhausted all the children’s art classes and had to “beg her way” into the adult classes, where she quickly showed enough talent and maturity that they let her stay! Her studies of the human form and the classic nude so intrigued her that, to this day, portraiture is one of her favorite genres.  Lyndsay attended the University of Georgia and majored in interior design with an emphasis in fabrics.  She went on to complete a graduate degree from Clemson University in architecture.  Lyndsay now lives in  Morehead City, North Carolina, where the beaches serve as continual inspiration. She also travels the world extensively, finding new ideas for paintings from the wonderfully unique places she sees along the way!

I want to thank Lyndsay for helping us understand the inspiration and process behind her beautiful painting.  You will find more of Lyndsay’s work on our store,


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