Launch 6

We’re open! Creating blueZelia has been a fun adventure. If you haven’t taken a look, visit our store to see the unique selection of artisan jewelry, home goods, clothing and art. The items in our curated collection are unique, one-of-a- kind and often made exclusively for us.  My husband, Adrian, and I have enjoyed being part of the local art scene for many years. We have chosen to offer works by some of the most talented artists from our region. Future postings will introduce these artists and highlight the story behind their work.

I am so excited to invite you to join us on this adventure. There will be many more fun, informative and inspiring posts to come. Our intention is to build a community of those who appreciate handmade artisan products, artists and those wishing to connect with their own creative side. Feel free to add a comment on the blog or on Facebook, sharing your thoughts and questions!


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