Bufalina Pizza-UHmazing!

Bufalina Pizza

Adrian and I decided to give the new east side restaurant, Bufalina Pizza, a try this past Saturday night.  As we approached the entrance I felt like I was arriving at a friend filled party.  Guests were clustered in groups outside the front door, enjoying relaxed conversations with wine glasses in hand while waiting to be seated in the cozy one room restaurant.



The party atmosphere continued once inside.  The friendly staff were busy prepping food and drinks in the bar and kitchen area located along one wall.  While the owner, Steven Dilley, tended to the pizza making, skillfully shuffling the pans in and out of the beautiful wood burning stove located along the back wall.  He gave this effort the same focus and attention one would see in a potter working before the kiln.


After much deliberation, we decided to try the Fresca pizza.  This is where the UH-mazing part comes in.  The ingredients in this pizza were so amazingly fresh and loaded with flavor! The crust was cooked to perfection, the cheese was layered in just the right amount and one would guess the toppings were plucked from the ground just minutes before being added.

We left the restaurant feeling satisfied and happy.  This is what happens when the perfect mix of atmosphere, people and delicious food come together…all the makings for a great party!


photos by Adrian Rodriguez


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