Canoe: An Exploration of Pattern on Leather

Canoe Necklace  I can’t remember what the end product was but I definitely remember the smell of the water softened leather and the fun I had pressing patterns into its surface. Considering this was done during the arts and crafts hour at summer camp, the results were definitely less than perfect.
Canoe Tray This couldn’t be further from the case for Canoe’s hand tooled leather products. In fact, they can be described as absolute perfection!  Artist, Natalie Davis, founded the vintage inspired leather goods line in 2009.  Her work is an exploration of pattern on leather, using traditional tooling and construction techniques to create modern forms.
Canoe Natalie Davis Natalie earned her BA in Design|Media Arts from UCLA and her MFA in 2-D Design from Cranbrook.  She is an active member of the Longhorn Trail Leather Guild of Austin, TX and teaches workshops on leather tooling.  Together with Abby Powell Thompson, Natalie curates and organizes Feliz, an annual Austin event showcasing handmade goods, artist-led workshops and a fabulous holiday sale.
Canoe Earrings   Canoe Necklace “We’re inspired by vintage work wear, well-worn boots, and Outlaw country music. Our line explores pattern through tooled, carved, burned, and hand dyed leather accessories, from jewelry to home wares. Canoe goods are crafted with a sartorial eye and workhorse materials to last a lifetime, made proudly in the USA.”  Natalie Davis
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