Old Gringo Cowboy Boots-Fashion or Art?

Old Gringo Boots

There are cowboy boots and then there are artisan handcrafted cowboy boots.  Old Gringo boots definitely fall into this latter category.  Owner’s, Ernie Tarut and Yan Ferry’s brought 60 years of combined  leather working and boot making experience to the table when they formed the company in 2000.


From heel to toe, 100% of the boots are handcrafted in their factory in Leon, Mexico.


The soft leather is comfortable in all the right places.  Fortunately, they did not forgo style for comfort.  The intricate detailing on these boots makes them stand in a class by themselves.  Art at its best!

Cowboy boots-Art or Fashion

They are a little on the pricey side ($400 and up) but it’s easy to justify the expense as they will last for years, maybe even a lifetime if resoled a couple of times, and cowboy boots never go out of style.

Fall Cowboy Boot Fashion

I will warn you in advance, if you ever try a pair of these handmade boots on, you may never be completely satisfied with any other choice!


Source: Image 1,2,3 by Adrian Rodriguez, Image 4, Image 5


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