Creating a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

Apartment 34 Thanksgiving Table

I heard my first Christmas song of the season this past Sunday and immediately felt the warm and happy feeling I get during this festive time of the year.  This could have had something to do with being in the downtown Whole Foods Market at the time which feels pretty darn festive and happy year round.  Where else can you hear live music and drink wine while shopping for the week’s groceries!


Given this new flush of holiday spirit I decided to peruse the web for creative ideas for our Thanksgiving table.  I found these two beautiful settings.  Aren’t they gorgeous!

How to create a Thanksgiving Table

I created this bohemian inspired setting using some of our treasured items including one of Brian Johnson’s handcrafted wood vases.

Thanksgiving dessert

Next up, planning the Thanksgiving menu.  How yummy does this look for dessert?

Multi vases

You may purchase a one-of-a-kind vase by Brian Johnson here.

Happy Holidays!


source:  Apartment 34, Sacramento Street, Adrian Rodriguez-blueZelia Photography, A House in the Hills




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