Experiments with Alcohol-Collage Techniques

Collage Technique

This past weekend Adrian and I visited the Dragonfly Gallery to view the 12X12 exhibit, and as always, the owner, Nina Mihm was happy to share tips and techniques with us. During this visit she explained how to use rubbing alcohol to add an interesting effect to a collage piece.

The canvas above is a work in progress.  I had previously added a layer of  white acrylic paint and a layer of white tissue adhered using a polymer gel. This created a nice textural element.  I then experimented with alcohol as Nina suggested. I first created an acrylic wash by adding water to red paint.  While still wet, I dropped the alcohol across the surface.  This resulted in the interesting ‘tie dye’ affect you see in the photo.

I’ll need inspiration (or more tips from Nina) before I move on to the next layer but so far I am pleased with the progress!




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