Fatali’s Magic


“My dear Earth Mother,
You call to me, and I come…
I am drawn to your wonder.
Guide me, teach me,
nourish me, and heal me.” Fatali

Fitali-Back of Beyond During my recent trip to Zion National Park I wandered into a gallery and was immediately taken aback by stunning photography hanging on the wall.  Fatali, referred to as the Ansel Adams of color, uses a custom built camera, which yields 8” x 10” negatives, allowing him to maintain the intimate details he works so hard to capture.  These rare photographs have significantly increased in value due to extinction of the raw materials used in the development process and the limitation of how few will ever be made again.

Fatali-Gabriels Horn

“Light is the representation of God and the essence of all life it touches. As children of the light, each one of us is blessed by the purity of light that shines around us and within us. This gift, an inheritance from God, is the expression of his love through all of Creation. Our gift back to the Great Spirit is when we experience and recognize the truth, beauty and wisdom within others and ourselves.” Fatali

Fitali-Eart Spirit Rising

Fatali-Spirti Stones

Fatali-Evenings Edge

Fatali-Oceans Breath

Fatali-Happily Ever After

If you find yourself anywhere near Springdale, Utah (gateway town to Zion) or Park City, Utah you’ll want to visit a Fatali gallery to see this amazing photography in person.


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