Street Art- AliCè

Graffiti Art-Alice of London

Artist Alice Pasquini, originally from Rome, has painted street art all over the world.  She has a background in Fine Arts but finds this medium the perfect vehicle for complete self expression.

Graffiti Art-Alice of London-2

In an interview first posted here, Alice explains that it is the interaction between her art and the viewer that brings meaning to the piece.

Graffiti Art by Alice Pasquini

She feels this exchange between the artist and the observer is much freer when it takes place on the street versus a gallery or museum.  More casual and open.

Graffiti Art-Alice of London-4

“I create art about people and their relationships. I’m interested to represent human’s feelings, exploring differents points of view. I especially like to draw strong and independent women” — AliCè


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