Happenings-Rainey Street in Austin


An endearing movie, hot dogs, blues music, hula hoops and ping pong…all the makings of a fantastic Saturday evening!

We started the night with wine, appetizers and a movie at the Violet Crown Theater.  We then ventured to Bangers on Rainey Street where we enjoyed live blues music and amazing vegetarian hot dogs (I know this is an oxymoron to some of you but not to worry, the meat choices far outweigh the veggie options on the menu).  I challenged Adrian to a game of ping pong at Lustre Pearl.  Wager-loser must hula hoop in public. It’s pretty clear from the picture above who won!

Fun restaurants and bars have popped up at an amazing rate in this area.  There are two places on my list to try the next time we visit, Ice Cream Social and G’Raj Mahal Cafe.  Do you have any Rainey Street Favorites?


images:  Frances Ha, Violet Crown, Lustre Pearl

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