Creating a Signature Style-Part 2

gypsy caravan

I have always envied the gypsy life, the relaxed pace, living by your own rules and evenings filled with music, wine and laughter.  This view might be a bit idealized.  I did travel for two years in an RV so I can say with some certainty that there would be a few grungy laundromats, 100 degree nights with no A/C, and flat tires to offset the tambourine playing and flower picking.  None the less, I could easily fit right into the lifestyle, especially the clothing.  In fact, it’s sort of a chicken or egg thing, do I love the bohemian look because of the gypsy lifestyle or is it the other way around?

bohemian style-1a

bohemian style-2

bohemian style-3

bohemian style-4

Bohemian Collage

This signature style can be worn in small doses and still have big impact.  You can layer jewelry, wear a scarf in your hair or add a patterned piece to have some fun with your everyday look. What do you think, does the bohemian style appeal to you?


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