Imaginary Memories-Leigh Merrill

Leigh Merrill-The Strip

I am fascinated by the work of artist, Leigh Merrill.  Her unique pieces are created from tens to hundreds of bits and pieces of different photographs and videos, often taken in different locations.  She then digitally assembles these sources to create new videos of imaginary spaces.

“Some of the images have some veracity, but more often they suggest a visual hyperbole – an embellished scene circulating around a small detail or object that fascinated me. As one spends time with the images their seamless quality slowly unravels.”  Leigh Merrill

Leigh Merrill-Still If it weren’t for the subtle shift in the clouds, slow blink of a store sign, or slight movement of a colorful balloon, one would think they were looking at a painting rather than a video.  But it is the masterful use of these elements that draws the viewer into the experience, allowing them to drift in a distant but familiar memory.

Leigh’s work is currently on view at Women and Their Work Gallery through November 21.  You may also visit her website to experience a selection of her videos.


 image source:  Women and Their Work Gallery


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