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Inspiring Links-Seagul Crossing

Adrian captured this picture of the seagull crossing the road-with the light of course-on our way to dinner in Seattle.  Over time we often forget the specifics of a place we’ve visited and only subtle details remain. Well, the seagulls cry will be one of those details that stick with me.  There was rarely a moment when these little guys couldn’t be heard, with their demanding squawk in the city and long cry as they pass over the water.  They are a quintessential element of seaside towns.

It is the dove’s coo that lets me know I’m in Austin.  The weekend run on Town Lake wouldn’t be the same without hearing their call.  Speaking of the weekend, we find ourselves wrapping up another work week.  Below are a few inspiring links I discovered during the week:

Inspiring Links-Emmadime

This is a wonderful video with artist, Jenny Pennywood!

Chocolate Fondue

Yummy Lightened-Up Chocolate Fondue from Chocolate Covered Katie.

Ideal Food Day

I know I would feel physically sick if I actually ate this dream food day menu but…

Entertaining with Athna Calderone

Love this post on entertaining with Athena Calderone of Eye Swoon.

Christy Curcuru

A look at the home of the creative duo Christy and Philip Curcuru.

Have a great weekend!



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