Inspiring Weekly Links

Inspiring Weekly Links

Whew, it’s been a busy week!  I’ll be glad to take the next couple of days to relax and unwind.  So far we have plans to take in a movie at the Moviehouse, Paddleboard at the Pure Austin quarry, go to the Peace Wave concert and try a vegan ice cream from Ice Cream Social on Rainey Street.  Somewhere in there I know I will spend a little quality time perusing Pinterest and my favorite blogs.  Here are a few inspiring links I ran across during the week:

Inspiring Weekly Links peonies

George Saunders talks about ‘failures of kindness’.

Vintage labels

A reminder of simpler times.

Classic Furniture

I love the classicly designed furniture  in this Austrian apartment.


Hmmm…I wonder what makes a galette different from a pizza?  Either way this one looks delicious!

Shop Paris

In case you are needing a taste of  Paris

Have a great weekend!


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