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Inspiring Links-Feathers

As I wander around the web these days I am surprised to see blog post referencing fall fashion ideas, pumpkins and cool weather.  Where are these folks living?!  Here in Austin we still have weeks left of 100 plus temperatures.  But on the bright side we also still have weeks of paddleboarding, shorts wearing, and al fresco eating (well actually we can do that just about year round).  Here are a few inspiring links from the week (sans any that mention the changing seasons-can’t bring myself to go there just yet):

Inspiring Links-Artist

Beautiful Jewelry by Sarah Swell.

Inspiring Links-Book to Buy

This book is definitely on my list!

Inspiring Links-Kale Recipe

A yummy recipe using the healthiest greens we can eat.


And then for dessert


Just the right amount of color in this beautiful Texas home.



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