The Freedom of Mixed Media, Thank you Picasso


Photographs, stamps, fabric, buttons…the freedom to choose materials for a mixed media piece is limitless.  These seemingly random objects can be masterfully combined with traditional artist media to capture a memory, evoke an emotion or add playfulness to a work of art.

This all began when Picasso rocked the art world in the early 20th century by including a piece of chair caning into one of his works.  His radical creation bridged the gap between the tangible world and that of the imagination. This new perspective forever eased the confines of traditional art.

Pink Dreamer

Pink Dreamer-by Peace

Maria Pace-Wynters

Dreaming Inspiration by Maria Pace-Wynters

Want to learn more about mixed media? Here are a few informative sites:

Thank you Picasso, for your brave revolution!


featured image:  Crows-by lvydesigns


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