New Jewelry by Erin Griffin!

Erin Griffin-bracelet

Erin Griffin’s new jewelry line is now available on blueZelia!  This new collection is very vintage bohemian.  The soft pantina of the silver perfectly offsets the colorful stones in the necklaces and earrings.  These pieces have a wonderful carefree feel!

Erin Griffin Earrings

Erin Griffin Necklace

Erin Griffin Necklace 2

Erin Griffin Necklace 3

Erin Griffin Necklace 4

Visit the store to see more new pieces from Erin.  Make sure to use coupon code BZ10 to get free shipping!


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  1. Hi Hydie, I have sent you an email with the reset password. I think email is the most secure way to share it. Please let me know if you encounter any other issues. I’m so glad you like like Erin’s earrings. They are so beautiful!

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