Pet Sounds-From Railings to Blobs

Pet Sounds

Did you hear that?  This question is likely to be asked when you touch one of Charles Long’s sculptures currently on view at Laguna Gloria.  Pets Sounds, 2012 complements the downtown Austin exhibit, Catalin, also created by Charles Long.

This outdoor installation is titled after the 1966 Beach Boys album of the same name. The playful, Skittle colored, sculptures begin as railings and evolve into playful blobs.  When touched they produce moans, murmurs, and vibrations.

“With CATALIN and Pet Sounds, Long walks the line between humor and gravitas, treachery and seduction, and formalism and existentialism, putting forth questions—without definitive answers—about the human condition and the fragility of our physical and psychological worlds.”  Heather Pesanti, Senior Curator


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