Sculpture with a View

Seattle Sculpture Garden 3

We returned from our weeklong trip to the Seattle area yesterday. What an amazing place, a foodie heaven and the outdoor adventures are limitless! So much to share..I thought I’d start with an art related highlight.

After an amazing lunch at Le Pichet we decided to walk off the baguettes and butter by visiting the Olympic Sculpture Park located on the waterfront overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

One of the first sculptures encountered on the winding path is the Eagle, created by Alexander Calder in 1971. This abstract piece, with its pointy beak and curving wings, captures the assertive and graceful qualities of the majestic bird.

Seattle Sculpture Garden

The five curved steel forms of the Wake, by Richard Serra, were created with machinery used to fabricate ship hulls. The gentle S-shapes of the towering walls suggest tidal waves or profiles of a battleship.

Seattle Sculpture Garden 2

During our visit, Roxy Paine’s stainless steel sculpture was undergoing a little ‘tree trimming’. This piece, which evolved from the detailed analysis of a live tree, is comprised of steel pipes in more than 20 different diameters.  If you just glance in its direction you might miss the piece all together as the reflective metal makes it appear to be an extension of the natural surroundings.

This well used park, as evidenced by the children playing tag amongst the sculptures, office workers eating their lunches and tourist snapping pictures, adds energy to this already vibrant city.


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