The Art of Living Small

Tiny Houses

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of living in a small space.  It’s the simplicity that attracts me.  Making a small home functional requires living a well edited life…an art in itself.  Every purchase is measured carefully considering it will take up valuable square footage. It’s a challenge and I’ve always welcomed a challenge, especially when it has the advantages of living consciously.

Our current home has about 1600 sq feet, which I’d say only classifies as tiny when compared to the average American home size of 2700 sq feet (as of 2009 statistics).  This ‘smaller’ size is still very generous in space, especially considering we have a third bedroom left completely empty for the purpose of doing yoga and meditation.  Throw in a couple of kids; however, and it could feel a bit tighter-at least by American standards.  Yes, ‘small’ is relative but I’d say any space that requires us to be thoughtful about how we live meets the definition.

The Art of Living Small-tiny houses

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