The Art of Zines

The Art of Zines

I am completely intrigued by the zine scene in Austin. My first introduction to this subculture was by Mason Mcfee, who together with his girlfriend, Jess Rose Clark, operate Crummy House.  Their creative hub works collaboratively with artists to produce limited-edition zines, artworks, and art shows.

Crummy House

It was during the Lit Crawl, which took place in various venues throughout downtown, that I next encountered zines. DiverseArts Culture Works  hosted Foxing Quarterly’s mobile newsstand.  Foxing Quarterly is a literary project striving to become a catalyst for conversation in our community by hosting events and supporting homegrown literary projects and establishments nationwide.  The newstand had a fantastic collection of mini comics and zines from micro publishers and artists.

Crummy House 2

My mostly left minded brain is working overtime attempting to fit zines into a nice and tidy category but its struggling to label this diverse and often quirky genre.  I’ve decided to let my analytical mind off the hook and just simply experience this art form and appreciate the creative minds that produce such unique and amazing work!


Image source: Image 1-  Sarah McNeil of, Image 2 & 3- Jessica Higgins and Matthew Walkerdine in collaboration with Crummy House

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