The Dreams of Artist Yuliya Lanina

Yuliya Lanina An alternative reality, one filled with whimsy, fantasy, femininity and humor. This best describes artist, Yuliya Lanina’s exhibit, Arcadian Rhapsody, currently on display at the Women and Their Work Gallery.
Women Art Yuliya Lanin24
Women Art Yuliya Lanin03
Women Art Yuliya Lanin14
Women Art Yuliya Lanin28 Believing the reason to make art is to communicate and interact with an audience; Lanina creates installations built around a ‘stage’.  She uses a combination of mixed media paintings, film, mechanical paintings, animations and sculptures to create her distorted and often provocative images.  These ‘scenes’ trigger our innate desire to make sense of the nonsensical.
Women Art Yuliya Lanin29
Women Art Yuliya Lanin19 At first my mind attempted to deconstruct the artwork, trying to understand its meaning but within a few moments of entering the dreamlike exhibit I was smiling and simply enjoying the fun of it all!

There is still plenty of time to experience Yuliya’s Lanina’s exhibit.  Arcadian Rhapsody  will be on display through January 23 at Women and Their Work Gallery.


 photography by Adrian Rodriguez

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