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United We Art created a mini print shop in the middle of the downtown Whole Foods store yesterday.  Shoppers were able to select an artist created cut and see it applied to a T-Shirt while they waited.

This local company  is on a mission to help foster a sense of community by providing a way for their customers to give to those in need.  They do this by producing a second T-shirt with each purchase to be donated to someone in the Austin area.

United We Art - Tee Shirt

The T-shirts are created using an ancient technique called ‘relief printing’.  The original drawings are hand carved into linoleum cuts.  These are then applied to the material using a manual, electricity free, roller. They use only sweat shop free, eco-sensible, and organic clothing made in the U.S.A. The inks are made of all natural, non-hazardous minerals and pigments.

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In order to stay true to the traditions of relief printing, they only press 1000 of each artistic expression.  Each shirt is numbered and the buyer is provided a certificate of authenticity, with the name of the cut, name of the artist, location of purchase, and the name of who authenticated the one of a kind T-shirt.

United We Art Card

What a great company with a really great mission!  Their clothing is available online at UnitedweArt.us.



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