Vision Boards-The Art of Manifesting

Vision Board-The Art of Manifesting-1

Have you ever been considering purchasing a new car and all of a sudden you start noticing the particular make and model everywhere you turn? There is a science behind this phenomina.

“At the base of the human brain stem, in between the medulla oblongata and the mesencephalon, there is a small finger-sized control center called the reticular activating system (RAS) that sorts and evaluates incoming data.  Your RAS is responsible for filtering all the incoming information that your brain receives and it also acts as receiver for information that is tagged as important.”  Tristan Loo, Founder & Publisher of Self Improvment Magazine.

Why should we care about this little computer chip in our brain?  Because we can leverage it to draw into our life what we visualize.  The RAS can’t distinguish between a real event and an imagined reality. We can take advantage of this system ‘glitch’ to program our mind to seek out stimuli in our environment that resonate with our goals. We now have the power to manifest what we dream of creating.

vision board

Because our subconscious minds works in pictures and images, one of the best ways to help the visualization process is through the creation of a vision board.  This board can be made by simply cutting pictures from  magazines and pasting them to a poster or by creating an elaborate multi-media collage worthy of being hung in an art gallery.  Regardless, the end result should inspire and make us feel happy!


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